Monique Butterworth is a journalist, writer, editor, and content creator.

With over 30 years’ experience in print and digital media. She has worked on various magazines and newspapers for News Corp, Nine Newspapers, Pacific Magazines, Bauer, Medium Rare Content, and Australian Associated Press.

With a passion for story-telling, Monique has a proven track record of producing news, celebrity, real-life, lifestyle & industry features alike.

An experienced interviewer, Monique knows how to put her subjects at ease, allowing them to tell their story, prompting them with insightful questions borne from thorough research. 

Monique also works with a broad and diverse range of content clients who are passionate about telling their story. By identifying what clients want to achieve from their target market to generate commercial growth, Monique produces SEO-friendly content for small and big businesses alike for print, digital, and social platforms.